IO-1: Educational Curriculum

Intellectual Output-1: Educational Curriculum

Educational Curriculum is developed considering aims and objectives, content, strategy, method, target groups and assessment on cork composites in aerospace sector. This output is extremely innovative since including the environmental effects of the cork composites as well as eco-friendly and sustainable properties. Students are benefitted from this curriculum in the trainings. Awareness is aimed for educating environmentally conscious engineers in the field. The lack of social and environmental consciousness in technical people will be compensated by developing this curriculum. 


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English IO1_Module-1 IO1_Module-2 IO1_Module-3 IO1_Module-4 IO1_Module-5
Turkish IO1_Module-1_TR IO1_Module-2_TR IO1_Module-3_TR IO1_Module-4_TR IO1_Module-5_TR
Spanish IO1_Module-1_ES IO1_Module-2_ES IO1_Module-3_ES IO1_Module-4_ES IO1_Module-5_ES
Portuguese IO1_Module-1_PT IO1_Module-2_PT IO1_Module-3_PT IO1_Module-4_PT IO1_Module-5_PT
Lithuanian IO1_Module-1_LT IO1_Module-2_LT IO1_Module-3_LT IO1_Module-4_LT IO1_Module-5_LT
Polish IO1_Module-1_PL IO1_Module-2_PL IO1_Module-3_PL IO1_Module-4_PL IO1_Module-5_PL


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Presentations IO1_Module-1 IO1_Module-2 IO1_Module-3 IO1_Module-4 IO1_Module-5


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Trainers Guide Trainers Guide



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