IO-3: E-Learning Platform

Intellectual Output-3: E-Learning Platform  

E-learning platform provides all the educational materials and tools for the users. These materials are downloadable and available for free under an open access grant. E-learning platform consists of five main classes, including 5 Modules, Textbooks, Additional Materials, Chatbots, and Case Study. Each Module has sub-classes, providing Lecture Presentations, Walkthrough, Review, and Quiz. Moreover, each sub-class presents Video Lectures regarding the educational materials. 


Please click to access E-Learning Platform produced within IO-3. 

Module-1  E-Learning Platform: Module-1
Module-2 E-Learning Platform: Module-2
Module-3 E-Learning Platform: Module-3
Module-4 E-Learning Platform: Module-4
Module-5 E-Learning Platform: Module-5
Textbooks E-Learning Platform: Textbooks
Additional Materials E-Learning Platform: Additional Materials
Chatbots E-Learning Platform: Chatbots
Case Study E-Learning Platform: Case Study


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